And so she bunked office. A lot of people think their boss or peers don’t understand when they bunk a day at work. Surprise surprise peeps! Everyone knows it. Some do it guilt free while some don’t. Of course not everyone would miss a fun day at work, would they?

Thinking about it, why would someone want to bunk office? They know it costs a day’s pay. You always have the fear of getting caught. Most of the organizations have work from home as an option as well.

I am writing about someone who did exceptionally well at work, had a wonderful life. Was extremely strong and independent and yet she would keep looking for reasons to bunk office. We all have hectic, crazy, double the work for one kinda days but why leave and keep it for another day? Don’t we realize it’s eventually our work? Whatever and whenever it may be, we have to complete it.

So going back to the girl with a perfect life. She once called in sick out of nowhere and her boss had no option but to let her take the day off. She was perfectly fine. Not sick at all and just tired of the routine. She decided to travel to the other side of the city just to wander and shop casual, not so useful stuff girls love to buy. I am a girl and I know the feeling when we buy the stuff you think is not useful. So… She took her car and started off on a new route just to avoid any colleagues going or leaving from work.

On the way she saw a tiny hill. It looked pretty so she thought of a pitstop just cause she had enough time to loiter around. She parked her car and climbed up the hill. She got to see the never seen before kind of a view of the city. She was awestruck! She took her phone and clicked a few pics. Very aware of the fact that they shouldn’t be posted till the weekend. She decided to stay there for a while before she left. Little did she know, she was going to witness a life changing event.

She started humming her favorite Hindi song – “choti si kahaani se.. badalo ke pani se..” when she felt there was someone looking right at her from a distance. She looked around in all directions but couldn’t see anyone. She felt a little uncomfortable and decided to leave.

She raced back to her car. Quickly turned on the ignition and drove off in a hurry. A little later, she turned on the radio. Luckily the RJ was interviewing her favorite actor Ranbir Kapoor! She completely forgot about the hill and drove away.

The girl was back to her normal self when she reached the market. She quickly parked her car and started walking through the busy streets searching for something she doesn’t know she wants unless she lays her eyes on it.

Little wooden parrots, tiny cups and saucers, footwear, shopping bags and all sorts of stuff she picked up unplanned. She bought those cause all the items were calling out to her to buy (was her standard answer). She decided to head back home and decorate the place with the new stuff.

It was an odd hour for anyone from work to be outside office. She decided to take the city route back home. She spent the rest of the afternoon moving things in her house to make some space for the new members. Later on she was reading a book while the TV played on the background.

For some reason she kept going back to the hill in her mind. She was reading with no concentration on the words but more on the palpitation she was experiencing just thinking about the hill. She decided to do something else instead. So she started cooking. She cooked tadke wali dal, jeera chawal, kulcha and vegetable makhanwala. She cooked enough food for a 5 member family. But she dint eat at all. She then decided to sleep. To digress, she kept thinking about work and her colleagues. Soon she fell asleep.

Next morning she woke up before her alarm went off. Got ready as soon as possible and headed of to work. She was in the office by 7 am. She spent the day working constantly with not many breaks. She did not interact much with her colleagues as well. She was tired and agitated of the hill in her thoughts.

She left late in the eve and went to a bar for a few drinks. Trying to cool her off, the beer gave up pretty quick. She was angry not knowing why the hill was haunting her. She decided to leave and started walking towards her car. When she reached the door, she saw a note on the windshield. She took it and sat in the car. she locked the doors first and then opened the note with shaky hands.

She read through and started crying while reading. She did not know how but this was happening. The note said;

To my dearest daughter,

I cannot believe I saw you yesterday. We met after several years. You have become a beautiful woman! And the song you were humming… Our favorite.

You must think this is a joke. It isn’t. I was there when you came and sat on the hill over my dead body. when you were clicking the beautiful view your father saw last before he was murdered.

You know you were just 4 years old when it all happened. I was coming back from work when a bunch of drunkard hooligans had abducted a girl and raped her. I was right there and I had to stop them. I did not bother about anything and went there. Brutal men thrashed me. I was hit in the head and my torso was cut through.

They buried me there. Took the girl and went off. The route was not my usual so your mother would have never thought of having the cops check there. Sorry beta I couldn’t make it to your birthday celebration. I hope you forgive me now.

As a favor, can you get your mother to the hill? I haven’t seen the love of my life for so long. If I were alive, we could have celebrated our 35th anniversary.

And the last thing, please have my body cremated as per our rituals and take my ashes to ganga. I used to keep wondering, have I missed a lot in life by dying so soon. Seeing you yesterday, I felt all those years I was right there with you.

I am very sorry to have made you and your mother go through all the hardships throughout to survive this ruthless world. I hope you forgive me.

Please put my soul to rest in peace!

Your loving Papa!

In a drunken state she drove all the way to her mother’s house. She showed her the note and they both sobbed like babies. The mother couldn’t wait for long. At dawn, the ladies left for the hill. They intimated the cops and had the neighbors also come along to help dig through.

After hours of digging and panting away, they found the body. The cops took it away for mortem and confirmed. It was indeed her father.

The girl with the perfect life who believed in oneself and not others, who took her decisions on her own had to bow down and thank the power within to have given her the strength to recover from this situation.

As per her father’s wish, she immersed his ashes in ganga. Later that night while she was about to fall asleep she thought, skipping work for a day paid off much more than any day.