How does it feel to come to work on a Friday with a hundred unread emails in your inbox of which all demand answers? My Friday started a lot like this. There were client escalations, internal escalations and multiple requests which had come through waiting for me to respond.

My mornings usually do start with a bunch of unread emails but this particular day, I was not feeling myself. I did not feel like waking up. My husband was awake, ready and all set to leave for work on time while I wanted to sleep all over again for a minimum of nine hours. Such a boring start. When I was getting ready for work, for the first time I tried 7 different dresses just to urge myself to go to work and finish the work week for a super weekend.

And so even after waking up 15 minutes late I got ready in time to leave. Ready to enter the empty office for another day of 12-14 hours of work. Not that I don’t enjoy working for so long, but I would enjoy it even more if it were a usual day with work and getting things done than writing and calling people around to answer their pending (according to them impending) queries.

So after all the hoo-ha for 12 hours, I decided to leave for the day. I was craving for a nice hot water bath with some fried food maybe and a chilled beer – that’s what I call mixing up. Instead, I took an hour more to reach home.
I was so exhausted that I started crying the minute I reached home. My husband was scared to see this look for the first time and I don’t blame him. From the poised corporate being, I had become a 5 year old kid who was crying cause she was not fed but had to eat on her own and go to school when she wanted to play with her dolls back home.

And then finally, after I cried my heart out, added a bit more to the sullen feeling, I looked at my husband who was busy finishing the ice cream bucket waiting for me to start talking on why did I go down this road. When I calmed down, I saw a bowl of fried food on the table with a can of chilled beer waiting for me….. thats how happiness surfaces again!! 🙂