As a human, we tend to like songs. We may have a certain set of likes and dislikes but we all like songs. Some like to sing, some like to play a musical instrument while  some just love to dance all the way. Its who we are. What you think, feel and do is your rhythm.  Ever wondered who controls it? This particular rhythm of your life if you may call it? Some think it’s the almighty, some think its yourself and some think it is created through the actions of others.


Keeping in mind the difference each combination would bring in with itself, we like it or not but every ‘human’ is different. Either of the contributors to the rhythm dominates your interests and the way you think. This rule applies to all humans despite their gender.


The people who excel at maintaining the rhythm are said to be the successful ones. This may include a few celebs but surprisingly it is mostly the population which go through all the phases of life because they still make it towards the end of it. They don’t stop midway or suppress themselves to the negative environment around you.


Simon Sinek in one of his talks states that there are 2 types of environment, finite and infinite. We all are a part of both environments in our own way. Our rhythm is built around these environments. If I had to draw this out, I would  make a ‘finite’ shapes covered entirely in an ‘infinite’ bubble. We end up having a finite environment around us first which is nothing but the competitive side of us which makes us want to excel with everything we ever hope to do.  This in return makes us feel insecure which brings in the feeling of being intimidated by the environment around us. How should this be a problem? For competition which is nothing but the finite environment, intimidation can end up making you the best at the task. But since it is not only the finite environment which contributes to your rhythm, intimidation ends up making us feel weak and helpless.


Most of the people who think their life is probably stagnant in its way or there isn’t much that is left to do now with their ‘life’ or are not comfortable where they stand, end up becoming weak when intimidated. The larger population around the world falls in this category. What are the things you think you can do to not go down that road? How do you ‘use your weakness and your strength’?


Personally, I don’t like to use the words weakness and strength while defining myself if I may. I think these are your own attributes which you know and there are many more that you don’t. since you have a background ( the known attributes) you should strive to know the rest of them. And thankfully the human body and the mind is designed in such a way that you can never run out of attributes to know yourself. This further leads to introspection and thus increasing your infinite bubble and developing it further. One must always introspect. When I say introspect, what comes to your mind? Is it writing down what you have done till now and what next? Or is it your priority list? As per my experience, it can be anything. It can mean anything to you.


Have you seen the notes that the singers, musicians follow? They have ‘nodes’ and they have ‘notes’. Each node and note is different. These are the gates where in YOUR rhythm you introspect and change the tune. Sometimes it brings a change that probably makes you want to react or at times it can bring a change that will make you give attention to the node but not react the way you would have otherwise. These nodes and notes are important to let the rhythm going.


When I try to sing the tune of my life, I end up singing it alongside other’s rhythm as well. This can be in a form of fusion which I would call a relationship or an accompaniment which I may call an acquaintance. Every tune is made with a combination of rhythms. So even if you think you are alone, you like it or not your song will be never be complete without the rhythm of the other.


A musical instrument is designed to sound in a particular way. It will only sound in the particular way once the musician plays it in the certain way. Every note must sound like itself. Some may use a different way to hold the instrument or some may use a different way to play it. Its their route to build the rhythm and merge it with the other’s to create their tune.


My rhythm of life revolves around my people, work, acquaintances and the unavoidable circumstances that I go through with during the day whether good or bad. I am working on my tune and i hope you do too……..